the balter family welcomes you!


owner / general manager / sommelier

Meet the Owner! Patrick Kralik is the Owner/General Manager/Sommelier. You can usually find him walking around with a glass of wine in his hand. He loves to talk about wine, conduct wine education and tastings. His passion for food and wine is reflected inside balter’s doors. As an owner/operator, Patrick will ensure that your experience at balter is outstanding.



Sean Skerrette is a local favorite Chef on St. Croix, as well as the Continental United States. Sean is a native of Trinidad, and has been cooking on St. Croix for over 15 years. He has worked at many of the best restaurants in St. Croix throughout his culinary career. After successfully owning and operating the popular restaurant Salud!, Sean decided to refocus on recipe development. We are thrilled this talented chef is part of our team.


kitchen manager / pastry chef 

Amanda Dougherty is our Kitchen Manager and Pastry Chef. Her breads and desserts are creations of wonder. Be sure to make room for dessert! Amanda is a gentle soul, but she is not afraid to crack the whip on the guys in the kitchen. You can be certain balter’s kitchen runs smoothly with Amanda in charge.


head hostess with the mostess

You will notice Keisha as soon as you walk through our doors. Always greeting guests with love and smiles, Keisha is our Head Hostess with the mostess. With her bright smile and amazing demeanor, Keisha will make sure you have a great experience whether you’re just having a drink or joining us for dinner.


cocktail creator / flavor master

You will find Tiffany behind the bar making your favorite cocktails even better! She has a natural knack for flavors and is one of the best on island for guest satisfaction. Come to the bar and see what all the buzz is about!


cocktail creator / order memorizer

Oh Shannon… What can we say? Shannon used to be a teacher, and now she likes to educate our staff, especially when they are wrong. We love Shannon for her care-free spirit and attention to detail. She takes pride in memorizing orders (but management makes her write them down).


cocktail creator / amazing guide

Meet Emily and Lil’ Man. You will see Emily floating around the dining room pleasing guests left and right. She is an amazing guide and is here to make management’s life easier!


makes the bar work

Sammy! Sammy! Sammuel Lopez is our behind the scenes guy with the bar. He makes sure all of our fresh squeezed juices, syrups, and infusions are as tasty as can be! Don’t stare at him too long.. he gets self-conscious…


multi-talented / does it all

This is Jequon. This is Jequon smiling. He is multi-talented and works most positions within the restaurant. He is quiet and reserved, until it’s time for CARNIVAL!


balter mascot / play date organizer

Hi! My name is Oliver! I am the official mascot for balter! I love to play, and you may find me in the courtyard or in our doggie play area! Bring your fur babies to come join me!



Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat: 5:00pm – 9:30pm
Closed Wednesdays and Sundays
Happy Hour
with food and drink specials
Phone: 340-719-5896

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